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Capabilities / Cash Management

Cash Management

Discover our suite of institutional and retail solutions designed to support your cash management and liquidity needs.

Trusted Experts in Managing Cash and Liquidity

As one of only 24 primary dealers of U.S. government securities, Cantor Fitzgerald maintains a close and valued relationship with the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury. We bid directly in all Treasury bill, note, bond, and Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (“TIPS”) auctions and can participate in all Fed Operations.

Coverage includes:

  • Treasury bills
  • Notes
  • Bonds
  • Strips
  • Floating-rate notes
  • Inflation protected securities (TIPS)

A Safe Place
for Cash

Cantor Fitzgerald Insured Cash ProgramSM (“CF Cash”) is a private label cash program administered by StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC.  For more information, please see the fact sheet below.

CF Cash Fact Sheet