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Capabilities / Tax-Advantaged Real Estate Strategies

Tax-Advantaged Real Estate Strategies

Leverage our tax-advantaged real estate solutions designed to preserve and grow wealth.

Designed to Address Taxable Events and Build Long-Term Wealth

Qualified Opportunity Zone Program

A tax-incentive program that encourages long-term private sector investment in designated communities known as qualified opportunity zones ("QOZs") by offering certain tax benefits to investors through qualified opportunity funds ("QOFs").
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1031 Exchanges and Delaware Statutory Trusts

A 1031 exchange often occurs when an individual wants to tax efficiently sell investment real estate and enable the indefinite deferral of capital gains and depreciation recapture tax.

One way to conduct a 1031 is by utilizing Delaware Statutory Trusts (“DSTs”), which provide turnkey solutions to complete exchanges for investors.
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721 and Two-Step Transactions

A 721 exchange allows investors to exchange into the operating partnership of a real estate investment trust (“REIT”) on a tax-deferred basis.
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Focused on Preserving and Growing Wealth

We draw from extensive experience managing multi-billion dollar portfolios of real estate across our QOFs and DSTs (1031 and 721 Exchanges) that are designed to employ tax-advantaged strategies.


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